Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 8: Bye Bye Italy. Hello Switzerland!

It's our last few hours in Italy. And from the time I have been here, that's about a week, I have grown to love everything about this country - the food, the people, the culture, the art,architecture, sculpture and even the language. I love Italy!

From Bologna we had to make our way to Switzerland - the land of snow covered mountains as far as the eye can see. We took the Intercity Plus to Milano (Milan) which cost us 20 Euros and from Milan to Interlaken Ost just 5 Euros aboard the Eurostar, thanks to our Eurail pass. They journey to Interlaken involved a lot of train switching. Milano Centrale to Spiez to Brig to Interlaken. 

The view on our journey was breathtaking. The Italian countryside is so laid back and wonderful. Few houses, a church in the middle of nowhere. Wow! Then we entered a long long tunnel which lasted for almost 20-25 minutes, in the meantime I dozed off as there was nothing to see, and then suddenly blingly light... voila! Switzerland baby! And I see snow. I almost do a little jig in my seat.

For those travelling to Europe and intend visiting Switzerland, make sure you apply for a Swizz visa. Then my Schengen Visa did'nt permit entering into this European country. 
Do note this was at the time of my travel. Please do check the Schengen Visa site for the latest updates. 

After quick switchovers at Spiez & Brig which are in Switzerland and temperatures hovering single digits, we find ourselves at Interlaken West. This city is just a kilometer long, which I discovered on my numerous walks. Thankfully the hotel - Hotel Central Continental was just across the station and it took no time for us to settle in the warmth of our room. Our room was beautiful. Huge French windows and the decor was glamorous yet with character.

The view from our room was awesome. We could see the snow covered mountains, a river just below our balcony window, swans, ducks paddling by...it was heaven on earth. After a long lazy soak in the tub, we stepped out to grab sandwiches (our staple diet) and sat on the balcony enjoying our dinner. I could'nt believe that I was enjoying this kind of a life. I feel blessed. I feel wonderful to be in Switzerland. 


  1. Interesting...Gr8 stuff JO.Keep them coming.
    You are taking everyone for a ride :)

  2. @lijo - hey thanks a ton. glad you like it. do keep visiting & commenting :)

  3. aaah!! this is fab!..keeps me wanting to go and visit all these places!

  4. Yeaa i will!!!When you gonna you reach Spain.
    Did you go to Barcelona(Nou Camp)or Madrid (Bernabeu)...did you did you?