Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 11: A day of doing nothing

Interlaken West

Today we just chilled. Having got up just in time for breakfast, we raced down to catch our meal. Cannot afford to miss free food.

Now since we decided to stay in Interlaken again and not go anywhere, I took this opportunity to explore the other side of town. I just walked about aimlessly, passing cafes, modern structures and beautiful homes with more gnomes in the garden. It was about 10 days into our trip and having not used the internet for so long, I was facing severe web withdrawal symptoms. On my walk about the town I kept on scouting for an internet café. Damn damn, only one in the whole place and it was closed! Aaargh.

Lunch was canned luncheon meat which had carried from India. And after that we caught up on some much needed sleep.

In the evening Tan & I decided to walk about the town. After a long walk about we sat in a garden just talking about life, work, love and our travel so far. In short it was a fantastic day in a fantastic town.

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