Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 13: Groovin in Geneva

I was really sad to leave Interlaken, I so loved the place and the solitude it offered. However I had to move on. Packed our bags and took the train to Geneva, it was quite a long ride. We went from freezing in the cold to pleasant weather. By noon we were ready to strip our winter wear off. Luckily this time too the hotel was just opposite the station. Our room was extremely small, but since we just had to spend a night in this city it hardly mattered.
There are so many different races of people in Geneva. With roads lined with almost all nationality flags and the headquarters of the United Nations, we learned that Geneva is also known as the world’s most compact metropolis. After resting for a while, it was time to hit the streets.

Our first stop the ‘Jet d’Eau’. Even from a distance you can see this spectacular stream rise high above in the skies. The city’s greatest landmark, this jet of water rises almost 10 kms into the sky. We spent our time viewing this spray, picking up hot dogs before we walked the stretch to Jardin Anglais. Situated on the banks of a harbor, this garden boasts of beautiful flowers and monuments.
We passed a huge clock made of flowers. The “L'horloge fleurie" or the flower clock pays homage to the watch industry and is made up of eight concentric circles filled with different plants and colours depending on the season. Close to it is the National Monument.

From here we hiked up to Cathédrale St. Pierre. With Gothic influences in architecture, this cathedral is displays some Romanesque features in the form of beautiful Roman mosaics which are said to date back to the 4th century. If you are here, you must climb the tower. 150+ steps, it offers a spectacular aerial view of Geneva. Phew! In the cathedral you must observe the flute piano and choir stand. Absolutely spectacular!

After this we lazily walked through the streets, enjoying a mini fare on the way. Close to our hotel we walked into a supermarket. The guy there got talking and asked if were from India. Damn! I think our colour gave us away. Anyway he told me that he too was in India in New Delhi for four years as his Dad was a Diplomat. And he did a ‘Namaste’ the next time we went in. LOL tan totally freaked out. I on the other hand thought it was real cute.
My internet withdrawal symptoms had reached danger point. Phoooo, thankfully I found an internet café and quickly checked my mails, sent mails and chatted with whoever was online on my list. Tan chilled out for a while in the room before we met up again and walked around the block, deciding where to have dinner. We finally settled on a pizzeria opposite the station. The pizza was huge and expensive. Damn damn. Anyway back in the hotel, I crashed after having a bath.

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