Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 2: Rome – Napoli (Naples)

Roma, Italy

It’s our first morning in Europe. Roma, Italy is where we crashed. We stayed at Osimar Hotel www.osimarhotelrome.com a comfy B&B. All charged up, we treated ourselves to an awesome breakfast. Bacon, juice, homemade jams… it was the life. We stuffed ourselves up, picked our day bags and ready to make our way to Naples armed with my Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring Travel Guide . What a blessing this book came to be!

“Naploi? Sunday?” shrieked the receptionist. Tan & I look at each other. I think Mafia! I don’t know what Tan’s thinking about. But we decided to f*** it, we didn’t come all the way from India for no adventure.

So here we are at the Roma Termini, validate our Eurail passes and are off to Napoli. The landscape is beautiful, especially as we go from city to coast.

Napoli, Italy
As we set foot at Stazione Napoli Centrale my jaw drops. What a railway station. Amazingly huge. The first few minutes in this city were spent staring at the signs and trying to find a friendly face. In Napoli we were lost again! Being Sunday, the information kiosk were closed. Finally we managed to buy a bus ticket, thanks to a guy at some counter and my Lonely Planet guide, and found our way to the museum.

The Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (The Naples National Archaeological Museum) is a museum in Naples. Entry to the museum was € 3.25, thanks to being just 25. The museum was beautiful. I clicked a lot of photos. The museum is all about the city of Pompeii and wherever they could they stamped it with penises. One bigger than the other signifying their conquests. For easy reading matter what to expect at the museum click here.  

Once we got done at the museum, we got lost again. The closest metro station was closed. And not a soul in the street. We walked down opposite the metro and waited for a bus there. Some dudes passed us by. I guess they dint make much of us, two brown girls! How rude. Finally the bus arrives and we hop on board it to the train station.

We take the late evening train back to Rome, and I crash out on the journey back.

Roma, Italy.
Back in Rome, we realized we missed lunch. So as starved as we could be, we head to a pizzeria. And it being Sunday everyone decides to dine out. We order two pepperoni pizzas at a local pizzeria near our hotel and after a one and half long wait we bite into it sitting on the footpaths of Rome.

Stuffed. And it's time to call it a night!

Check here for pics of my day at Napoli.

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