Friday, August 13, 2010

Poovar Island Resort. Heaven on Earth!

Poovar Island Resort, so it says on their site, is truly out-of-the-world. I was the first time ever I was going to Kerela and was super excited about it. But I was even more excited about staying on these floating cottages. Like all my trips, the Internet becomes my best friend – checking reviews, viewing pictures of the place and finding info on how to get there. Sadly at that time the resort had a very sad looking website. Some of the reviews were not good, but following my heart we decided to go there. The we this time was my husband and I.

From Poovar Floating Cottages

A long train journey, then a rickshaw ride brought us to the entrance of Resort. We see water, but where are the floating cottages. Then we realize we have to go around the island to reach there. We wait for a boat to take us there.

From Poovar Floating Cottages

Our ride arrives and it takes about 10 minutes to reach the waterfront. From a distance we can see them. I simply cannot control my excitement. They look exotic! Luxurious! Sinful!

We get off at the small dock and the porters take our bags to our cottage. The formalities follow at the lobby, and I love everything about this place. The traditional welcome drink, a huge pot with flowers in the lobby and the swimming pool with a bar. This place has everything!

Couldn’t wait to get to our cottage we hurried away to Cottage 301. My jaw drops. A beautiful room on water, with one side of the wall overlooking the beach. Well you can close the blinds, but right now its open to admire the view. With the waves floating by, you can feel the cottages sway.

From Poovar Floating Cottages

From Poovar Floating Cottages

The floating cottages are all air-conditioned with plasma TVs, a mini bar, a tea/coffee maker, telephones and an attached see-through shower cubicle. What’s amazing is a sit-out balcony overlooking the backwaters.

Poovar Island Resort also offers you Deluxe Floating Cottages and Land Cottages. In my opinion it would be idiotic to stay in a land cottage when you come here. The floating cottages are an experience of their own.

The place also boasts of a lovely restaurant, an Ayurveda Centre and a recreational area and seight-seeing trips.

I am so glad we stuck to this place. I can see the next few days going to be the best ones ever!

To see how to get to Poovar Island Resort, check this link.

For more information on this awesome place, do check the website And if you are thinking of going, I’d say don’t think, just GO!

You can also discover more about the fascinating great backwaters by following this link -


  1. Wow...looks like an awesome place. Just goes to show that a website and reviews aren't always everything!

  2. This was the most awesome place ever!

  3. hav been to this place .......... and itssss amaaaazzzinnnnnnn .... mind blowinnnnnn.... very serene .... thanks for bringing back the memories Jo!!! :)

  4. Hey ....Nice discovery.....Keep It up...Keep traveling :)