Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 17: Marseille

Time to say bye to Lyons and head to Marseille. After breakfast we head out to Gare de Lyons Part Dieu to book ourselves on a train to Marseilles. There’s some time to pass so it’s time for Haagen-Daas ice-cream. I opted for a strawberry sorbet and oh my… the portions are humongous. It took me like forever to finish it.

We take the TGV and it’s a mere 3 Euros, thanks to the Eurail pass. Soon we were at Gare de Marseille Saint-Charles, and using the metro jumped off next to our Hotel.

Our stay was booked at the Mercure Eurostar on Rue Neuve Saint Martin. My first impression? Where is the French romance! This building is so boxy and rather sterile. After settling in, a small walk to the supermarket saw us picking up our lunch and dinner. It’s a way cheaper option than dining out. The owner of the supermarket was glad to meet Indian girls from Bombay, and then came the classic question “Do you know Shah Rukh Khan? Bollywood?” Duh! And the followed a proclamation of his love for Bollywood.

Early evening we walked about trying to locate the Tourism Office, unfortunately it was closed by the time we reached there. However the bay side is lovely. Boats docked, sea gulls and the Notre Dame on the hill. Beautiful. We simply took in our surroundings for today and people watched. So much fun.

Dinner was in the hotel with the little snacks we prepared before snuggling in to watch a movie called ‘Trade.’ Bon Nuit.

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